Rehab Update

I am now four weeks out from left knee surgery. With only two weeks left on crutches, I have been working really hard to prepare my left knee to take those first steps. I have been spinning on the bike with both legs (if you’ve been injured before, you know how exciting this is) and working on getting my quad muscles working like normal again. My right leg keeps getting stronger and stronger (although there is still a long way to go), and I am keeping my upper body as strong as possible. #makeithappen 

When I am not at the gym rehabbing, I have been taking a Human Anatomy course. I have found it really interesting to learn more about the human body and how it works. As an athlete, a lot of the information I read is very relatable and I am learning things about my own body and injury that I didn’t know before!

With the Olympics underway, I want to send out another GOOD LUCK to my fellow Canadians competing in South Korea! I will be watching every day, and cheering loudly from home! #GoCanada 

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