From Summer to Snow — Off Season Training

In the off season, Ali capitalizes on dry land training by focusing on building strength in the gym — with a large focus on core stability — and studying what technical skills she wants to refine in the upcoming season. To prepare for the 2023 season, Ali and her coaches analyzed her videos to pinpoint her weaknesses from last season. She has since been able to practice specific movements on dry land to train new muscle memory and reflexes before she takes those skills to the snow. Ali has also found tremendous value in cross training via other sports, like tennis and squash. These “unpredictable movements,” as she calls them, challenge her “brain in different ways than just being on a spin bike.” While she’s not exactly ready to go pro on the tennis court, she confesses with a laugh, Ali enjoys the challenge of something new, as it all contributes to her “being fit enough and strong enough to do what she wants on skis.” Ali is looking forward to seeing all her hard work pay off in the upcoming season.

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